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Real Id Application Form pdf – The process of applying for a REAL ID-compliant state ID could require travelers to provide their social security card, current license, passport, or tax information. Travelers should visit their state government’s website on REAL IDs to learn exactly what they will need to bring to the DMV.

A REAL ID is different from a regular driver’s license in that it takes stricter security checks to be issued. Currently, 48 out of 50 states are equipped to issue identification that is REAL ID-compliant Oklahoma and Oregon have received an extension, according to the DHS.

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A license that is REAL ID-compliant will feature a picture of a star on the upper portion of the ID. Those who do not have a star on their license will not be able to board a domestic flight. The new security measure keeps in the parameters of the 2005 REAL ID Act that called for heightened transportation security. If you have a passport, you can use that as identification to board all your flights instead of a REAL ID.

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